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Article title: Evidence of A Simple Dark Sector from XENON1T Anomaly Authors: Cheng-Wei Chiang, Bo-Qiang Lu Reference: arXiv:2007.06401 As with
Paper Title: Observation of structure in the $latex J/\psi$-pair mass spectrum Authors: LHCb Collaboration Reference: The Announcement The LHCb
Or how to cross-check dark matter hopes.
Paper: Observation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T Authors: XENON1T Collaboration Recently the particle physics world has been abuzz
It's no secret that the face of particle physics lies in the collaboration of scientists all around the world -
This post is intended to give an overview of the motivation, purpose, and discovery of the charm quark. The Problem
Updates from the most veteran axion hunting experiment.
It isn't often I get to plug an important experiment in high-energy physics located within my own vast country so
In my previous post, we discussed the features of dark matter freeze-out. The freeze-out scenario is the standard production mechanism
Title: “Axiogenesis” Author: Raymond T. Co and Keisuke Harigaya Reference: On the laundry list of problems in particle physics,


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