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In a recent paper [1], Chris Karwin et al. report an excess in gamma rays that seem to be originating
Title: The Expansion of the Universe is Faster than Expected Author: Adam Riess Reference: Nature   Arxiv There is a current
Why should we even care about neutrinos coming from the sun in the first place? In the 1960's, the processes
Article title: “Particle physics applications of the AWAKE acceleration scheme” Authors: A. Caldwell, J. Chappell, P. Crivelli, E. Depero, J.
Title: "New evidence supporting the existence of the hypothetic X17 particle" Authors: A.J. Krasznahorkay, M. Csatlós, L. Csige, J. Gulyás,
Title: “Searching for dark photon dark matter in LIGO O1 data” Author: Huai-Ke Guo, Keith Riles, Feng-Wei Yang, & Yue
Article: "Anomaly Detection for Resonant New Physics with Machine Learning" Authors: Jack H. Collins, Kiel Howe, Benjamin Nachman Reference :
Article title: “Dark Quark Nuggets” Authors: Yang Baia, Andrew J. Long, and Sida Lu Reference: arXiv:1810.04360 Information, gold and chicken.
This post is about the discovery of the most massive quark in the Standard Model, the Top quark. Below is
Title: "New physics implications of recent search for $latex K_L \rightarrow \pi^0 \nu \bar{\nu}$ at KOTO” Author: Kitahara et. al.


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