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It isn't often I get to plug an important experiment in high-energy physics located within my own vast country so
In my previous post, we discussed the features of dark matter freeze-out. The freeze-out scenario is the standard production mechanism
Title: “Axiogenesis” Author: Raymond T. Co and Keisuke Harigaya Reference: On the laundry list of problems in particle physics,
Title: Measurement of CP -averaged observables in the B0→ K∗0µ+µ− decay Authors: LHCb Collaboration Refference: In the Standard Model,
Article title: Investigation of the fine structure of antihydrogen Authors: The ALPHA Collaboration Reference: (Open Access) Physics often doesn't
In the universe, today, there exists some non-zero amount of dark matter. How did it get here? Has this same
Collisions at the Large Hadron Collider happen fast. 40 million times a second, bunches of 1011 protons are smashed together.
Protons and neutrons at first glance seem like simple objects. They have well defined spin and electric charge, and we
Article title: The ANITA Anomalous Events as Signatures of a Beyond Standard Model Particle and Supporting Observations from IceCube Authors:
Title: “Upper Bound of Neutrino Masses from Combined Cosmological Observations and Particle Physics Experiments” Author: Loureiro et al.  Reference:


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