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Tracking the Jets to Monte Carlo
Reggie Bain Reggie Bain 2 weeks ago

Article: Calculating Track-Based Observables for the LHC Authors: Hsi-Ming Chang, Massimiliano Procura, Jesse Thaler, and Wouter J. Waalewi… Read More

What Happens When Energy Goes Missing?
Julia Gonski Julia Gonski 2 weeks ago

Article: Performance of algorithms that reconstruct missing transverse momentum in √s = 8 TeV proton-proton collisions in the ATLAS detector… Read More

Does the Higgs talk to itself?

Article: Indirect probes of the trilinear Higgs Coupling Authors: Martin Gorbahn, Ulrich Haisch Reference: 1607.03773 Hello particle munc… Read More

Universality classes are not that universal (...and some of its other shortcomings)
Beatrice Bonga Beatrice Bonga 3 weeks ago

Article: Shortcomings of New Parameterizations of Inflation Authors: J. Martin, C. Ringeval and V. Vennin Reference: arXiv:1609.04739 The… Read More

Daya Bay and the search for sterile neutrinos
Robin Bjorkquist Robin Bjorkquist 1 month ago

Article: Improved search for a light sterile neutrino with the full configuration of the Daya Bay Experiment Authors: Daya Bay Collaboratio… Read More