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Title: "Search for an Excess of Electron Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE Using Multiple Final State Topologies" Authors: The MiniBoone Collaboration
Title: First direct detection constraints on Planck-scale mass dark matter with multiple-scatter signatures using the DEAP-3600 detector. Reference: Here
Title: "Accumulating Evidence for the Associate Production ofa Neutral Scalar with Mass around 151 GeV" Authors: Andreas Crivellin et al.
It was not until the past few decades that physicists have made remarkable experimental advancements in the study of black
 You might have heard that one of the big things we are looking for in collider experiments are ever elusive
It was that time of year again when the entire string theory community comes together to discuss current research programs,
"Is N=2 large?" queried  Kitano, Yamada and Yamazaki in their paper title. Exactly five months later, they co-wrote with Matsudo
Based on arXiv:2012.15677 [hep-th] Figure 1: a torus is an example of a geometry that has T-duality Physicists have been
Title : New physics and tau g−2 using LHC heavy ion collisions Authors: Lydia Beresford and Jesse Liu Reference: Since
Article title: “Toward Machine Learning Optimization of Experimental Design” Authors: MODE Collaboration Reference: (pdf) In a previous post we


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