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  Before we dig into all the physics behind these acronyms (beyond SM physics! dark matter!), let’s start by breaking
The exciting Twitter rumors have been confirmed! On Thursday, LIGO finally announced the first direct observation of gravitational waves, a
Hello particle gobblers and happy new year from my new location at the University of Granada. In between presents and feasting,
Now is a good time to be a dark matter experiment. The astrophysical evidence for its existence is almost undeniable
It's about casual brainstorming, "literature reviews" looking for existing off-the-shelf tools, bumping into experts and getting their feedback, the many
Dark matter may be collecting in the center of the Earth. A recent paper explores way to detect its decay
After two years of slumber, the world’s biggest particle accelerator has come back to life. This marks the official beginning
Title: “Physics Case for the International Linear Collider" Author: Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC) Physics Working Group Published: arXiV hep-ex 1506:05992 For
Hello particle Chompers, Today I want to discuss a slightly more advanced topic which I will not be able to
Quark gluon plasma, affectionately known as QGP or "quark soup", is a big deal, attracting attention from particle, nuclear, and


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