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Hello particle gobblers and happy new year from my new location at the University of Granada. In between presents and feasting,
Now is a good time to be a dark matter experiment. The astrophysical evidence for its existence is almost undeniable
It's about casual brainstorming, "literature reviews" looking for existing off-the-shelf tools, bumping into experts and getting their feedback, the many
Dark matter may be collecting in the center of the Earth. A recent paper explores way to detect its decay
After two years of slumber, the world’s biggest particle accelerator has come back to life. This marks the official beginning
Title: “Physics Case for the International Linear Collider" Author: Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC) Physics Working Group Published: arXiV hep-ex 1506:05992 For
Hello particle Chompers, Today I want to discuss a slightly more advanced topic which I will not be able to
Quark gluon plasma, affectionately known as QGP or "quark soup", is a big deal, attracting attention from particle, nuclear, and
We know that protons are made up of two up quarks and a down quark. Each only weigh a few
Hi Particlebiters, This is part 2 in my "series" on dark matter in dwarf galaxies. In my previous post, I explained


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