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ScienceBites Family

  • Astrobites. A daily literature journal summarizing new astrophysical research posted to astroph. Astrobites is written by graduate students for undergraduates.
  • Oceanbites. The goal of OceanBites is to make cutting edge research in the ocean sciences accessible to all. oceanbites will also highlight classic, seminal research papers, and feature op eds about current issues in research
  • EvoBitesEvoBites is a reader’s digest for Evolutionary Biology research. Our goal is to make high quality, current research accessible to an interested (and busy!) public without oversimplifying.
  • ChemBitesChemBites is written by chemistry graduate students, upper level undergraduate students, and chemistry professionals in order to help undergraduates navigate current chemical literature.
  • GeoBites. A team of graduate students at a variety of universities studying the earth from a multitude of different disciplinary angles including climate science, geology, oceanography, and soil mechanics.
  • ComSciCon. The Communicating Science workshop for graduate students. ParticleBites was born from the inaugural ComSciCon in 2013.

Paper Summaries

  • ScienceGist. ScienceGists are simplified summaries of scientific papers. ScienceGist’s goal is to provide a simple English version of science.

Particle Physics Blogs: Research

  • Resonaances. A particle physics blog from Paris. It’s about the latest news and gossip in particle physics and astrophysics.
  • Collider Blog. By Michael Schmitt focusing in interesting results from collider physics.
  • Extraordinary Physics. In this blog you will find neat, intriguing, or unexpected results that, for some reasons, are not widely known.

Particle Physics Blogs: Outreach

Other Science Outreach

  • ScienceHackDay. Science Hack Day is a two-day-all-night event where anyone excited about making weird, silly or serious things with science comes together in the same physical space to see what they can prototype within 24 consecutive hours. Here’s a ParticleBite of the 2015 San Francisco event.

Science Writing

  • National Association of Science Writers. The association was incorporated in 1955 with a charter to “foster the dissemination of accurate information regarding science through all media normally devoted to informing the public.”

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